Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What would happen to the Jordanian community if all foreign aid just stopped? Ran out. Vanished.
My scenario anticipates something like this:
Jordanians awaken to the reality that they are broke.
They realize they are one, Jordanian, Palestinian, Ribdawi, 3agbawy, Circassian, all the same, all Jordanian. They realize that because they realize they have nobody but eachother. Theory of brotherhood. Theory of I am 3arabi. انا و أخوي على ابن عمي وأنا وابن عمي على الغريب ولما أكون لحالي لازم أصير مع حدا. Theory of the other.
Then, they begin to build castles in the sun. They help each other become better people. They water Shouneh and Ajloun's plants, feed the hungry in Jabal Al Nuzha and Al Manshiyeh. They revive Development zones with their own labor force and export products to the MENA region.
They realize the value in their counterparts and can see all the colors of the rainbow that reaches the DeadSea. The horizon is so vast. The weather is clear. With no fuzz.
I also see a lot more reassuring smiles. I see You before Me.
أردن أحلى